Please see Altrazeal Instructions for Use for a Listing of Indications for Use, Warnings, and Precautions



*Data on file

Mechanism of Action: Transforming Powder

Clean wound with saline, pour granules to cover moistened wound bed. Hydrate with saline if needed.

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Oxygen-permeable granules absorb moisture to form a moist skin-like matrix that allows excess exudate to flow via vapor transpiration.

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The matrix contours to the wound bed. Simple non-adherent dressings may be used in areas of more friction or exudation.

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The matrix forms a moist, non-occlusive barrier to help prevent the entry of bacteria.

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More powder may be added as needed. Dressing dries and flakes off as the wound heals.

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A Scientifically Engineered Dressing That Fits

Altrazeal® is a patented powder dressing specially engineered to cover and protect the wound and to provide an ideal moist wound healing environment that supports cellular function and tissue repair. Its non-resorbable, sterile granules aggregate when hydrated with saline to form a moist, flexible, oxygen permeable film that fits and seals the wound.


The skin-like barrier serves many functions that promote healthy granulation tissue growth:

  1. seals and protects the entire wound surface

  2. allows oxygen transportation

  3. manages exudate through vapor transpiration 

  4. prevents penetration of exogenous bacteria*

Altrazeal® enables extended wear time of up to 30 days, allowing the wound to heal without disturbing the wound bed with frequent dressing changes. It is particularly helpful in the management of complex, painful, and difficult-to-dress wounds.



Step 1: Clean wound, moisten with saline and pour powder to cover the entire wound bed and margins.

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Step 2: Powder transforms on hydration into a matrix that allows oxygen and exudate flow but prevents bacterial penetration.

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Step 3: Secure with simple secondary dressings if required. Change secondary dressing when wet or soiled. Add powder as needed.

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Step 4: Visible margins enable inspection without requiring primary dressing changes.

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Step 5: Dressing dries and flakes off as wound heals.

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Step 6 (Removal if Necessary): Submerge in saline and easily lift off dressing.

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➙ Operative Incisions / Wounds*

Dermatological Excisions

  Dehisced Wounds

Skin Graft Recipient and Donor Sites​​



Abrasions / Avulsions /  Lacerations /  Skin Tears


 Diabetic Foot Ulcers

 Vascular Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers

Wounds in Immunologically Compromised Patients


*Indicated for use as a primary dressing only and not a replacement for sutures



Altrazeal has been designed to deliver a unique blend of properties that optimize the wound bed environment to promote superior healing:

*Data on file

**Thanh Dinh, Hau Pham, Aristidis Veves, Emerging Trends in Diabetic Wound Care, Wounds Feb 10, 2002

***Ojan Assadian, Brett Arnoldo, Gary Purdue, Agnes Burris, Edda Skrinjar, Nikolaus Duschek, David J Leaper, A prospective, randomised study of a novel transforming methacrylate dressing compared with a silver-containing sodium carboxymethylcellulose dressing on partial-thickness skin graft donor sites in burn patients, International Wound Journal 2013


Efficiency and Outcomes: Transforming Expectations

Healthcare professionals are achieving remarkable results with Altrazeal, especially in complex, painful, and difficult to dress wounds. 

Several patients have appreciated its added comfort, extended wear time of up to 30 days, and ease of application.

Altrazeal is also working with the United States Department of Defense to expand its research and product development capabilities.

Collaboration with the United States Department of Defense

Collaboration with the United States Department of Defense
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